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Make better decisions more easily

Make better, data-driven decisions, with KPIs and analytics from across your shipments and partner network.

Reliability and flexibility in the cloud

Enjoy better control using centralized tools, with data, communication and documentation all in one place.

Smoother and more transparent process

Increase collaboration and eliminate paper and silos on an open platform, with highly efficient, automated and streamlined workflows.

224,500,000 + Container Events
2,853,834 + TEU Processed
163,253 + Business Partners
645,692 + Shipments Placed

Join the largest and fastest-growing global network in the industry

Cargoo’s carrier network represents approx. 98% of the world’s ocean container capacity.

Our digital platform enables electronic booking, the digital exchange of shipping instructions, sailing schedules, bills-of-lading, all relevant documents and certificates, verified gross mass (VGM), and container tracking.

Carrier coverage is the cornerstone to visibility. Without adequate compliance, you can’t gain visibility into your shipments. Cargoo offers the most expansive global coverage possible–accelerating the ROI of your investment.



Save up to 50% of your time and labor — with no required IT investment. Respond faster, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Shipping Instructions

Simplifying your experience before the cargo departs. Submit instructions and create your Bill of Lading in a few clicks reducing manual effort and ensuring documentation cut-off times are met.


Create a more resilient supply chain with access to the industry’s most reliable data, providing insights to help you make informed, real-time decisions using dynamic ETAs, automated exception detection, and proactive alerts.

"Simplicity is crucial. Handling large, data-packed files can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Cargoo’s user-friendly interface saves you time, letting you focus on your core business. Working with Cargoo is a pleasure." Kristiina Murulaid | Commodity Supplies AG
"Cargoo was a true game-changer, enhancing visibility and delivering significant benefits to the Purina team, including cost savings, heightened productivity, and streamlined processes worth celebrating." Collins Juma | Nestlé Purina North America
"On November 22, our European market pioneered Cargoo, gaining real-time visibility, customs compliance and increased efficiency. Embracing Cargoo is revolutionizing our global logistics management." Lukasz Siwiec | Lipton Teas and Infusions

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