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Bring your supply chain closer together, use time more effectively and save money.

We are industry insiders with 20 years’ experience and know how commodities and logistics works. The best interest of our customers always comes first because we are truly independent.

Make better decisions more easily

Make better, data-driven decisions, with KPIs and analytics from across your shipments and partner network.

Reliability and flexibility in the cloud

Enjoy better control using centralized tools, with data, communication and documentation all in one place.

Smoother and more transparent process

Increase collaboration and eliminate paper and silos on an open platform, with highly efficient, automated and streamlined workflows.

115,000,000+ Container Events
1,650,000+ TEU Processed
86,500+ Business Partners
390,000+ Shipments Placed

See how Cargoo transforms your supply chain and digitalizes logistics.

Find out more about how Cargoo helps you collaborate, execute containerized ocean freight shipments and save time and money.

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