This enabled the design and build of the Cargoo real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP). Refined over many years we developed Cargoo as an internal platform to help us solve our business problems. Today, Cargoo enables participants in the global supply chain to start seeing the benefits of these years of development in weeks, or even days, with cutting-edge distributed cloud and hyper regional architecture technology.

Easy Connect

Plug-and Play: No installation needed

Safe and secure communication

Next generation solution

Cloud native: Microsoft Azure

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Latest technology stack

Unlimited scalability

Domain oriented micro service architecture

Powerful integration engine

Interfaces to all major ERP systems out of the box

Digitally connected to all main carriers

Fast Onboard

  • Intuitive, user friendly interface
  • On-site and remote training programs
  • Invite partners and collaborate in no time
  • User friendly planning and booking tools
  • Independence (self-manageable) and full control


  • Holistic view on the supply chain
  • Single source of truth
  • Manage by exceptions
  • Digital shipping instructions

Real Time Communication

  • Interactive collaboration with co-workers and external partners
  • Bring or build your own network or connect to one of an existing Cargoo platform user
  • Trusted real time information, including, Ocean Freight, Schedules, Allocation
  • Direct communication with third party such as, Customs, Warehouses, Booking Agents

Intelligent business process automation

  • Predefined customer processes (best practice processes)
  • Smart configuration tools
  • Advanced Workflow Engine

See how Cargoo transforms your supply chain and digitalizes logistics.

Find out more about how Cargoo helps you collaborate, execute containerized ocean freight shipments and save time and money.

Take a personalized 1-2-1 demonstration with one of our platform and industry experts.


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