AIM is based on best practice developed and refined over many years of deployment experiences, across multiple global projects and industries. From Day #1 of your deployment, AIM allows the Cargoo team to apply agile principles to integration, configuration, and rollout of the platform across your organization. Escape downside risk to see ROI faster with Cargoo.

Assessment & Scoping

Creation of the project plan

Invest time upfront to assess your organization’s unique systems and processes

Identify data sources, processes and gaps, business needs

Gathering customer inputs and requirements

Establishing workflow governance and ownership

Communicating your project and goals to business partners and carriers

Define and document project scope and deliverables

Review by product managers, business analyst and technology leads

Prioritize and define planning for fulfilment of requirements and development of deliverables

Agile implementation methodology (AIM)

  • Define a solution blueprint tailored to your business needs and market opportunities
  • Multiple waves to improve time to value
  • Review and re-prioritize requirements on the fly
  • Identify and address deployment issues more rapidly
  • Build a cross-functional deployment team, minimizing organizational friction and setting the stage for business transformation
  • Support business readiness by developing skills across your team using role-based training during deployment
  • Know sooner and act faster across your organization


  • Tailor made build phase to accurately meet requirements and delivery
  • Develop and mutually agree a blueprint and configuration cycle
  • Refine specific technical requirements for configuration, test & validation
  • Incorporate any required integration with your IT landscape
  • Version control by raising, analysing and accepting/rejecting/tracking changes

Test & Training

  • Deployment after all parties are satisfied with the user acceptance test (UAT)
  • Train your super users and also those your business partners, where required
  • Mutually agree and execute a UAT plan
  • Ensure issues are accounted for and addressed early
  • Participate in final team training / train-the-trainer

Set Up & Launch

  • Deployment and go live after UAT is complete
  • Double check requirements
  • Ensure integrations are correctly connected
  • Reach a mutual go/no-go decision for launch
  • Deploy in the live environment

Continuous Improvement

Engage and collaborate on a continual basis

Continuous improvement to keep the in step with the rapid technological change

Perpetual enhancement of functionalities and improve your experience with the platform

Constantly aligning the platform to your business and customer needs and general market requirements

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