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Cargoo is your one-stop shop for EUDR compliance: with our innovative supply-chain management solution, we already collect and analyze the data required for EUDR’s new due diligence standards today.

Our easy-to-use dashboard offers you a clear overview of all your containers – including geolocation and status – in real time. Plus, we even offer our EUDR module as a standalone solution. So complicated new EU requirements are no reason to panic – whether you’re a major importer or a small enterprise, Cargoo is here to help you navigate the complexity of EUDR and guide you on the path towards a greener supply chain and a more sustainable future.

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As an importer, what do I need to do?

The EUDR will affect importers of all sizes, from large-scale operators and traders all the way to small and micro enterprises. Failure to comply with the EUDR will result not only in financial penalties in the form of sanctions, but also poses a risk to your company’s reputation. Authorities will use existing monitoring tools, like EU’s Copernicus program, to cross-references geocoordinates with satellite images to enforce these new regulations.

Under the EUDR, importers will need to conduct due diligence to make sure that all of their products are deforestation- and forest-degradation-free. Importers will need to analyze their internal data along their supply chains, evaluate the compliance of their current suppliers, and optimize their supply chains to mitigate risk.

They will also be required to submit due diligence statements confirming that they have carried out the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the regulation. This is where Cargoo comes in.

How can Cargoo help me?

Cargoo is the leading data integrator for EUDR reporting, offering a next-generation compliance management platform that takes the complexity out of the equation. We already offer the most convenient platform for EUDR reporting: we work with Swiss and EU government agencies to ensure seamless reporting and web integration, and we already collect the data required for customs clearing and release of goods in ports. Active Cargoo users already have 80% of the information required for EUDR compliance at their fingertips, and the missing 20% can be easily uploaded by suppliers.

Our easy-to-use dashboard provides a clear overview of the sustainability data for each individual shipment, including information on its geocoordinates and the current risk assessment status. Plus, Cargoo also offers CO2 reporting as an additional sustainability metric, allowing importers to offer added value to the end consumer and make a contribution to a greener society.

Who is Cargoo working with?

Cargoo is an open ecosystem offering global coverage for its clients through a strong international partner network. As a logistics platform, Cargoo is an independently operating business and therefore offers no exclusivity, meaning it may work with any party or parties within or outside its network. The privacy policy of Cargoo applies in all cases, ensuring that all data is collected and processed in accordance with strict controls and standards.

Looking forward

And this is just the beginning. The European Green Deal, which was approved in 2020, is a set of proposals aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and decoupling economic growth from resource use in order to overcome the threats of climate change and environmental degradation.

The EUDR is only one piece of the puzzle, which will also soon include the EU Digital Product Passport, the EU Taxonomy, the SFDR, the CSRD and further initiatives aimed at preventing greenwashing, increasing transparency and reducing the environmental and social impact of the supply chain.

But don’t worry – Cargoo is prepared for future regulations and is here to guide you every step of the way. With its EUDR and CO2modules, our Sustainability dashboard is just the first step to combatting climate change and making a positive impact on the planet and our society.

EUDR with Cargoo in a Nutshell

The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will go into effect end of 2024, resulting in new mandatory requirements for traders and vendors importing products into the EU. But not to worry we’re your one-stop shop for EUDR compliance.