Cargoo Booking

Producer to buyer: From order to fulfilment

Cargoo Booking enables your vendors and booking agents to arrange shipments directly with carriers or logistics providers, while giving you the oversight required to control all activities and exceptions in your supply chain.

Cargoo provides a toolbox of automated processes for collecting customer orders, sub-contracting to your partners, and dispatching vendor bookings – leveraging the TMS, FMS or ERP systems that you likely already have in place.

These integrations work with the Vendor Booking Portal. This allows fully structured bookings to be channeled from a customer’s Transport Management System to a carrier via the Cargoo platform. Shipper booking management is integrated directly with carriers enabling shipping instructions against purchase and sales contracts to be centralized and sent from Cargoo.

Cargoo Booking Capabilities


  • The booking window feature allows control of when orders are available for booking, ensuring goods arrive on time. Each window is automated, based on business rules, order details and multimodal transport timings.
  • Booking tolerance parameters enable you to ensure adherence to business rules concerning the under or over booking of product quantities by vendors.
  • Premium freight authorization is fully integrated and enables both you and logistics providers to enforce bespoke business rules and processes.

Supports ocean booking by customers or partners, through use of schedules and customer carrier contract information. Speed up and avoid repetition with automated and mass booking.


Manage and get overviews of every parameter relating to shipping, including fine details, such as whether vendor loads goods to containers or delivers goods to logistic providers for consolidation.

Vendors need to meet your requirements by ensuring process events are executed within set times. System alerts notify all parties of booking activity and vendors must discuss changes to the original order before booking can proceed.

Exception management flags up events requiring manual intervention, with exceptions communicated directly to the relevant parties for awareness and resolution.

Better management through analysis and reporting tools provide all parties with visibility, communication and resolution capabilities. Dashboard facilities are also available for vendor performance analyses.

"Simplicity is crucial. Handling large, data-packed files can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Cargoo’s user-friendly interface saves you time, letting you focus on your core business. Working with Cargoo is a pleasure." Kristiina Murulaid | Commodity Supplies AG
"Cargoo was a true game-changer, enhancing visibility and delivering significant benefits to the Purina team, including cost savings, heightened productivity, and streamlined processes worth celebrating." Collins Juma | Nestlé Purina North America
"On November 22, our European market pioneered Cargoo, gaining real-time visibility, customs compliance and increased efficiency. Embracing Cargoo is revolutionizing our global logistics management." Lukasz Siwiec | Lipton Teas and Infusions

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