Better strategic planning, control, and quality improvement

Cargoo enables powerful reporting that delivers Business Intelligence (BI). The platform lets you collect, analyze, and visualize data about all aspects of your business activities, from day-to-day activity, to Quality Management (QM) and strategic planning.  Using the platform to manage ocean containerized freight provides insights that let you build a better business.

The platform lets you obtain a better understanding of the inner workings of your supply chains. Specific, detailed, and actionable information improves your ability to identify opportunities for strategic change, as well as alterations to transportation and logistics operations in real time. This drives increased supply chain efficiency, operational performance improvement, and reduces costs.

DND Report


  • Real-time dashboards using graphic and numerical KPI display lets you see ‘situation at a glance’
  • Reporting and detailed measurement of the performance of your carriers, shippers, and vendors
  • Customize your orders, shipments & container report and analyze the data to meet your business needs
  • Set your business rules to enable you to manage by exception


Makes it easier to identify trends and exceptions

Analyze specific components of transportation operations more intuitively

Improves specific operational factors, such as demurrage and detention (DnD)

Insight to create better efficiency, reduce costs and drive improved profitability

See how Cargoo transforms your supply chain and digitalizes logistics.

Find out more about how Cargoo helps you collaborate, execute containerized ocean freight shipments and save time and money.

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