Digitalize Shipping Documents

100% paperless: Digitalize documents & workflow

The Cargoo Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful streamlining tool that supports an administrative process that is 100% paperless. Eliminating paper documents from the workflow of managing containerized ocean freight import/export removes one of the biggest barriers to efficiency.

Cargoo enables real time collaboration between all parties by storing and organizing all shipping documents in a reliable, efficient, and secure manner. With the right documents shared with all partners, everyone is quite literally on the same page, helping to eliminate delays.

Shipping Document Templates


  • Powerful, sophisticated, and user-friendly DMS tool
  • Assign, upload, file, share and process documents, while managing by exception
  • Provides unhindered access on-demand to required documentation to authorize parties
  • All documentation secure in the IT security compliant Cargoo cloud


All documents in one place - ‘A single source of truth’

Integrates document management with Cargoo digital business partner management capability

Allows your supply chain partners to operate anytime, anywhere

Permission based access rights for approved users

See how Cargoo transforms your supply chain and digitalizes logistics.

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