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Take control of freight costs and manage risk confidently

Revolutionize your freight procurement process with Cargoo’s latest innovation – Tender Management. Say goodbye to hours spent on manual processes and hello to automated efficiency. The Tender module simplifies the entire tendering process with the ability to set target rates, run multiple rounds, and award carriers per lane. And the benefits don’t stop there – once a carrier has submitted rates, Cargoo’s tool makes it easy to upload newly awarded rates and book your shipment instantly through the Cargoo platform. The module also links to the allocation management system tool for optimized performance tracking. Improve your operations with Cargoo’s state-of-the-art solution.

Maximize strategic decision-making by responding quickly to market changes and refining tactical purchasing tactics. Streamline your procurement process and secure lower freight rates with efficient, time-saving features. Stay ahead of market volatility, take control of your freight costs, and manage risk confidently and efficiently.

Tender Rates Capabilities


Streamline your Request for Quotation (RFQ) process with our innovative solutions. Say goodbye to manual RFQ creation and hello to an automated process. We’ll take care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on making informed decisions. Stay on top of your bids with automated notifications, invitations, and reminders that ensure timely and accurate responses. Our state-of-the-art workflows help you optimize carrier decisions for the best possible results every time. Negotiate with confidence thanks to our rigorous data validation process that ensures an error-free rate sheet. Our experienced support team is always on hand to help you achieve a successful RFQ process. Standardize your layouts with our templates while making informed decisions with our in-depth analysis. Experience streamlined efficiency with ease today!


Increased efficiency

A digital ocean freight procurement platform can save time and resources by streamlining the tendering process. It automates many repetitive tasks, such as sending and receiving tenders, evaluating and selecting carriers, and managing contracts.


Digital platforms offer greater transparency, allowing shippers to monitor the tender process and collaborate with carriers from a single platform. They can also provide real-time status updates on shipments, rates, and other key metrics.

Cost reduction

The digital platform provides users access to a broader range of carriers, resulting in competitive pricing and the ability to negotiate fees and rates in real-time. Shippers can also use historical data and analytics to optimize sourcing costs.

Risk management

The digital platform helps manage risk by providing data and analytics that enable shippers to make more informed decisions, detect and manage supply chain disruptions, and improve compliance. A digital ocean freight procurement platform can help companies increase value, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

"Simplicity is crucial. Handling large, data-packed files can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Cargoo’s user-friendly interface saves you time, letting you focus on your core business. Working with Cargoo is a pleasure." Kristiina Murulaid | Commodity Supplies AG
"Cargoo was a true game-changer, enhancing visibility and delivering significant benefits to the Purina team, including cost savings, heightened productivity, and streamlined processes worth celebrating." Collins Juma | Nestlé Purina North America
"On November 22, our European market pioneered Cargoo, gaining real-time visibility, customs compliance and increased efficiency. Embracing Cargoo is revolutionizing our global logistics management." Lukasz Siwiec | Lipton Teas and Infusions

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