Shipment Tracking

Up to date: The latest shipment status information

With Cargoo, you obtain complete visibility allowing you to view, manage and optimize your global supply chain in real-time. Our value lies in the amount, accuracy, and timeliness of the supply chain data we collect, clean, normalize, analyze and enrich before making it available to all parties involved.

We use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other technologies to collect various types of real-time supply chain data across transportation modes and stakeholders. It is easier for businesses to view, analyze and act upon real-time information from the planning of a shipment, through to transport and delivery.

Shipment Tracking Capabilities


  • Seamlessly connect into a global carrier network that spans multiple transportation modes and geographies
  • Securely access real-time data through a single source of truth
  • Manage your supply chain by exceptions with alerts generated from cleaned, normalized and enriched data


Improve delivery performance

Enhance your customers’ experiences

Streamline operations for lower costs

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